Happy ThanksLiving To All!

This year, just like the last 7 years previous, I will be celebrating a Compassionate (or Gentle) Thanksgiving. That means I am leaving the turkey off my plate, honoring a turkey’s life instead, but still stuffing myself full of delicious, seasonal plant foods. I probably will eat too much, but I will be outdoors for the weekend and plan to get some hiking in and breathe in nature, which is good for mind, body, and soul. Most of all, as I am surrounded by loved ones, I am going to try to remember to be thankful of my journey, to reflect on the gratitude for all my blessings but also all my challenges that push me to keep growing as a person, and to find the compassion inside that I so often can give to others but not to myself. I hope that for all of us during this holiday season. Happy ThanksLiving!

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