Let Your Glow Shine Out

We all tend to put limitations on ourselves without even thinking about it consciously. Many of us never feel good enough. Or confident in what we really desire. And it becomes just another bad habit to not even try to imagine, or set a new goal, because it always seems like it will be futile again. But just for a moment, let’s all take a deep breath and do a visualization exercise. (After you read this next part.) Close your eyes. Picture in your mind a scenario. See yourself from behind standing in front of a large, full body mirror. You can see yourself looking back at your mind’s eye in the reflection. Now imagine you are all wrapped up in sheets. Clean, white sheets are rolled all around you and standing there, you can’t move. Start to wiggle around, push back against the sheets against your skin. Keep pushing, it’s difficult. See yourself in your mind writhing fiercely until all of a sudden they rip apart. You can hear the fabric tearing all down the sides of your body. Your hands get free and you peel the rest of the fabric away from you and toss it aside. And you are laboring with breath but you look at yourself in the mirror and instead of perspiration on your skin, you see radiating golden light spraying off of you like the sun’s rays. You have a bright, golden glow all around you. Take another deep breath and open your eyes. That’s how it might feel to break free from your internal limitations, the negative things you tell yourself everyday. It takes courage to change, to try something different, or to just try again. But the truth is, amazing things can’t happen while you’re wrapped up in sheets. And that may be why they haven’t happened…yet. Think about your glow, and let the sun shine OUT. Think about what you’re going to do for yourself today, with conviction, and make it happen!

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