An Inspired Life Is A Changed Life

We’d add to laugh more to this list below, since we know it’s one of life’s great “cure-alls”. From “35 Quick Tips for Changing Your Life” By “Love with your heart, not your eyes. Pick your battles wisely. Never, ever give up: you might miss the miracle! Believe in miracles. There is beauty everywhere; open your eyes to see it. Be grateful, for everything. Trust the greater plan is better than the life you think you must have. You might have strength beyond what you could ever imagine. Faith is critical. It’s not all about you. The time you don’t make for someone could be everything to them. Love unconditionally. Communicate! No matter what, ALWAYS say your truth. Just make sure and say it nicely. Set boundaries. Once you say no, don’t feel guilty about it. Embrace your past, no matter what mistakes it might include, it helped make you fabulous. Before you act or speak, think about how it might affect others. Possessions do not matter, experiences do. Make sure your children feel loved, safe and supported. Do everything you can to make a difference in people’s lives. Never judge your life by looking at others’ exterior. Live in the now, today, this moment. Do not have fear about anyone or anything: it will paralyze you. Be willing to take risks in life and love. Use wisdom as you make your choices. Slow down. Never ignore red flags. Never settle! Always have faith that something and someone amazing are out there for you — it’s all in the timing. Believe you are fabulous and loved. Forgive yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. Honor your word. Make your wrongs right. No matter how scared you are, the outcome might not be as bad as you think it is going to be. Ask for help and let others help you when you need it. Love the people that provide the greatest challenges even more than the ones you love.”

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