Fall In Love Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Can you imagine how strong the cardiovascular systems must be of all the athletes who do such incredible feats during the Olympic Games? They get my heart pumping just watching them! But that’s ironic isn’t it? – I’m just watching, I’m not out there doing anything remotely as good for my heart muscles and circulation as the kind of intense exercise and training they are doing regularly and yet I am feeling such excitement and admiration for them. As I sit there, too comfortably. Instead of getting off my duff and using it as inspiration to fire up my own workout. But there’s time to change that as all the real action is just beginning. Use this as a challenge for yourself, to get outside and do more winter activities right now, or even just to push your routine a little further, or even just to stick to it when you’d rather be tuning in to all the events. The best thing you can do for yourself this month is give your own heart a chance to beat healthier, to lose that excess weight, to get more fiber in your diet, to cheer yourself on as much as you do all the deserving athletes on TV. Some of those athletes that are there are Shaklee users too, and are being fueled by the Sports Nutrition products right now. You can do the same, to take your performance to the next level, find them here.

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