180 Days, 1 Decision

There’s a reason they say “Shaklee 180 is quite possibly the last weight loss program you’ll ever need”. Stick with it at least 90 days to see results, then stick with it another 90 days to learn how to keep it off. Other programs sometimes make empty promises that you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss afterwards. They offer temporary frozen meal options not lifestyle changes to go with their “products”. How will you know how to prepare healthy foods in the right portions for yourself eventually? Gyms sometimes even hope you’ll fail. All they want is your initial membership contract and to get that monthly fee debited from you, knowing most people will stop coming but feel too guilty to cancel. They don’t necessarily help you learn how to incorporate more daily exercise into your life for the long term, they just provide a facility you may or may not use. Meal replacement products that are nutritionally sound, not pumped full of artificial ingredients, are beneficial in the short term, especially if they have that special amino acid, Leucine, that supports losing the right kind of weight, from fat and not muscle. And even going to the gym can be a useful resource if you commit to using it consistently. But even more importantly, is an all-encompassing program that you can trust to teach you about eating the right kind of calories, and how to burn calories in small, easy changes by providing workout videos you can do at home with no extra cost, and recipes, and even accountability tools. Shaklee 180 is not like other programs, it even has weekly motivational prizes and trip rewards when you reach your goals. The folks behind Shaklee 180 care about your health, not just your weight loss, not just your lean muscle. Because it’s made by a nutritional company, not a “diet” company. I’m not saying it will do everything for you, it still takes your commitment to it, which can be difficult in itself. Are you ready to start something and not give up for 180 days? 180 days on the program. 1 decision. Take your shape in a whole new direction here.

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