Pure Ingredients, Pure Performance

Do you juice for pure plant nutrients? Do you do it in addition to using protein packed shakes? Or do you combine whole fruits & veggies into your smoothies for extra fiber goodness? I do both! There are some incredible benefits to juicing, delivering the vitamins and minerals to the body stripped down and at their purest. Shaklee has made a major announcement today about their Pure Performance Team athletes who use Shaklee’s pure Sports Nutrition products to power their endevours everyday. “SHAKLEE PURE PERFORMANCE ATHLETES ARE SOCHI BOUND: We’re proud to announce that a total of 19 Shaklee-powered athletes will be competing in the 2014 Games in Sochi! Shaklee would like to congratulate our Pure Performance Team athletes who have qualified for the Games in Sochi this winter, and introduce you to the members of our team. Bill Roy, Program Director of Shaklee’s Pure Performance Team (and veteran of the 1996 games in Atlanta and 5-time world champion in his sport) introduces us to the Shaklee athletes to be watching in Sochi this February. Watch here…Shaklee Pure Performance Team: Ready for Sochi

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