#136-143 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

How have your holiday parties been going? Have you been hovering near the top of your daily caloric intake? Or indulging a bit too much? I know how it goes, with all the festive treats that seem to surround us all this month. 3 ways you can help stave off cravings for extra sweets, keep yourself full enough to steer clear of extra portions, and avoid extra digestive upsets are by retaining normal blood-sugar levels, making sure you get enough fiber, and ingesting enough healthy gut bacteria. As part of our December GIFT OF HEALTH exploration, I am sharing Shaklee products that address all our needs for Blood Sugar and Digestive Health. 136. Along with achieving a healthy weight through diet and exercise, “Glucose Regulation Complex” is a unique blend of scientifically supported ingredients that promote efficient glucose utilization and help keep blood sugar levels steady.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20749 137. Normal, healthy colonies of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria can help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora. Unlike other probiotics that may disintegrate prematurely and never reach the lower intestine, “Optiflora”’s state-of-the-art, triple encapsulated, seamless capsule is guaranteed to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach to deliver live beneficial bacteria to the intestine.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20639 138. “Optiflora® Prebiotic Complex” provides a welcome environment for the friendly, beneficial bacteria that live and work in the colon. This pleasant-tasting powder provides nutrients—including FOS and inulin—that selectively feed friendly bacteria, encouraging their growth and multiplication.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20638 139. 100% natural and 100% delicious. Shaklee “Fiber Advantage” Bars have everything your taste buds crave. Delicious apples, dates, and whole grain rolled oats packed in each scrumptiously chewy, cinnamony bar. The best part? You get a healthful blend of fibers in every yummy bite to help keep your digestive system running smoothly. Who knew something so good could be so good for you?

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=21220 140. Diets high in fiber aid digestion, promote regularity, and support colon health. The FDA recommends 25 grams of fiber per day, but Americans typically consume only half that amount. “Fiber Plan Tablets” can help you get all your fiber on a “regular” basis every day.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20435 141. A diet rich in fiber, plenty of liquids, and regular exercise all contribute to regularity. For occasional periods of irregularity, gentle “Herb-Lax” can help.

An original Dr. Shaklee formula, Herb-Lax contains an enhanced prioprientary blend, including Senna leaf, which has been used for thousands of years as a natural laxative, plus other complementary herbs. Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20141 142. Digestive upsets can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. They also may limit food choices unnecessarily. “EZ-Gest” offers as-needed relief from incomplete digestion of foods. Unlike popular single-function digestive aids, the EZ-Gest multi-enzyme formulation offers comprehensive digestive support.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20633 143. Clinical studies show that supplementing the diet with ginger may help maintain a calm stomach. “Stomach Soothing Complex” is a powerful herbal blend that for centuries has calmed upset stomachs, including discomfort caused by motion sickness. It makes the “not quite right” stomach calm again.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20601 We know how well this product works when just this last week we relied on it during our Shaklee 2013 Dream incentive trip that we earned, all expenses paid, on a Caribbean Cruise. Despite the “motion of the ocean”, our stomachs felt just fine!

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