#126-130 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

Have you been running around, making lists, then checking them off as you prepare for the holidays? (Or maybe you’re just running to get your daily exercise in.) Either way, you’re gonna need a lot of energy to keep up the pace of the season. Shaklee has helpful products to give you the Energy you need, as well as Joint/Muscle Pain Support in case you overdo it, all part of the GIFT OF HEALTH we are exploring in December. 126. “CorEnergy” to Enhance Stamina and Re-energize. Three capsules provide herbal adaptogens and antioxidant phytonutrients that support the body’s own ability to maintan energy and resist everyday fatigue.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20732 127. Shaklee “Energy” Chews provide a clean burst of healthy energy to help you get that extra edge when you need it most. Each chew contains a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins and vitamin D. And there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you’ll find in other energy products. That’s PURE energy.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20158 128. “Advanced Joint Health Complex” contains a patent-pending, fast-acting form of Boswellia extract, a concentrated form of glucosamine and other key joint nutrients to help bring joint comfort and mobility. Helps your joints feel better in less than 5 days.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20281 129. Discover natural relief for discomfort caused by overexertion. “Pain Relief Complex” features a blend of clinically tested Boswellia along with safflower extracts which provides help for overworked joints.* Safe, natural, and easy on the stomach.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20667 130. This soothing joint and muscle pain relief cream distinguished itself in two ways: it’s applied where it hurts, and it works in minutes. Shaklee’s new “Joint & Muscle Pain Cream” provides temporary relief from minor joint and muscle pain, including arthritis pain, back aches, sports injuries, sore muscles, and more. It is so fast, soothing, and effective, you’ll want one for your medicine cabinet, purse, and gym bag, too! This non-greasy, fast-absorbing, deeply penetrating, topical cream soothes in minutes.

Order here: http://robert-l-ewing.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=31051

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