#92 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

92. What’s really scary is the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfectly thin instead of perfectly healthy. Don’t trick yourself into thinking skinny is the ultimate goal, but do indulge in a tasty smoothee treat everyday. “Have you ever heard the saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”? Well, according to a recent study by British retailer Littlewoods this is a load of crap (but we already knew that, right?). The study of 2,000 found that women are happiest at size 16 (an American size 12). That’s not all. The study also found that half of those whose weight had fluctuated over the past three years were actually happiest at the magic number – size 16. Women sized 14-18 were also found to have a more positive frame of mind when it comes to their appearance. What about thinner women? Only half as many size six women (42 percent) said they were happy with their appearance. Of women size 6-10, 59 percent said they were happy with their appearance. So, what would make woman happier with their bodies? Curves, curves and more curves! According to the study: 52 percent of size six women actually want to be curvier, not thinner 35 percent of size six women want a fuller figure because it’s considered sexier 31 percent of women feel curves would make clothes more flattering 24 percent of women feel curves would improve their body confidence While it’s great to find a study that celebrates full figures and curves, all be it from a plus-size clothing company, making curvy the new body ideal as opposed to thin isn’t really a victory. A true victory would be body acceptance for women of all sizes and a world where a woman’s self-worth is based on not what size she wears, but what she thinks and does. What would the world be like if that actually happened? What would women do with all the time and energy they spent focusing on the number on the scale and body in the mirror?” From “You’ll Never Guess What Size Women Are Happiest At” By Ximena Ramirez

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