#44 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

44. We’re not trees, we need to move to survive! We’re also not rabbits, but we still need to eat our leafy greens. Let’s dress em’ up so we’re likely to eat more of them… “If you avoid salads at any cost, thinking they consist only of iceberg lettuce and a couple of slices of starchy tomato topped with some chemical and sugar-laden bottled dressing, you will be happy to learn that with minimal effort you can create salads that inspire health AND your taste buds. These excellent salads can be gourmet meals in themselves. I compiled the following list of possible salad ingredients to prevent boredom and for my new book 60 Seconds to Slim. It is just the beginning. The idea is to be creative and to use the list to help you get started. Choose ingredients from each section to create a gourmet salad in minutes. Salad bases (Choose one or more) Beetroot (grated) Boston lettuce Brown rice (cooked) Endive Grated cabbage Leaf lettuce Mixed greens Quinoa (cooked) Radiccio Romaine lettuce Seaweed (such as arame, nori, or wakami) Sprouts (such as alfalfa, mung bean, red clover) Watercress Wild rice Mix-ins (pick three or more) Alfalfa sprouts Apples (sliced or grated) Avocado Bell peppers (red, green, or yellow) Blackberries Blueberries Broccoli (finely chopped) Broccoli sprouts Carrots (julienned, roasted, or grated) Celery Celery root Chickpeas Cucumber slices Edible flowers (i.e. nasturtiums, violas, pansies) Fenugreek sprouts Grapefruit slices Great Northern beans Kidney beans Lima beans Mung bean sprouts Mushrooms (raw or cooked) Olives Onion (minced) Onion sprouts Orange slices Pea shoots Peas (fresh) Pinto beans Pomegranate seeds Radishes Raspberries Red clover sprouts Scallions Strawberries Sweet potato (grated or roasted) Tomatoes Zucchini (grated or roasted) Toppings (pick one or more) Almond slices Carrots (grated) Fresh basil (chopped) Fresh cilantro (chopped) Fresh mint (chopped) Fresh parsley (chopped) Hazelnuts (chopped) Herbs (such as thyme, oregano, minced garlic) Pine nuts Pumpkin seeds Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds Walnuts Dressings (pick one) Balsamic vinegar Oil and lemon juice Olive oil” Adapted from 60 Seconds to Slim by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, ROHP.

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