#38 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

38. The magic of Shaklee180 is in the Leucine! Here’s another intriguing ingredient (maybe lacking) in our diet that also helps us with the proper weight loss… “Honey, I shrunk my fat cells…using a natural mineral. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. There is actually a mineral that suppresses the hormones linked to fat cell expansion. I came across this exciting information while researching my upcoming book, 60 Seconds to Slim. When you eat sugar (even natural sugars) or refined starches, your insulin levels rise too, and that can cause your body to hoard fat, making it difficult to lose weight. Combine that with a deficiency in the mineral chromium and you’re at risk for being overweight, obese, or becoming diabetic. Some experts estimate that over 90 percent of North Americans are deficient in the mineral chromium, largely because of agricultural practices that deplete the soil and food-manufacturing processes that eradicate chromium and other minerals. Yet this mineral can help restore insulin balance and promote weight loss. Research at the University of Texas found that supplementing with the mineral chromium daily can help you double fat loss without losing muscle. Chromium helps ensure proper sensitivity to insulin, the hormone secreted by your pancreas to escort sugar to the cells where it is needed before it can damage organs or be converted into fat. Consult 60 Seconds to Slim for references. While an important mineral, chromium is often overlooked. It helps maintain strong artery, blood, and heart health, and it also plays a significant role in alleviating a “sweet tooth.” Chromium reduces cravings, mood swings, and weight gain linked to fluctuating blood sugar levels since it helps to keep them balanced. Chromium also plays an important role in energy production in our bodies. So the side-effect of getting more chromium is often weight loss (in people who are overweight) and increased energy! When sugarcane is processed to make sugar, most government regulations require that all of the minerals be removed. That includes the valuable mineral chromium, which is naturally found in foods that tend to be high in natural sugar. The chromium helps with the proper digestion and metabolism of naturally sweet foods. When it has been eliminated, we are prone to many of the health issues linked to white or refined sugar consumption, including weight gain. Signs of a Possible Chromium Deficiency While being overweight or obese can be a sign of a chromium deficiency, it is not the only one. Some other possible signs are: -Cravings for sugary or starchy foods -Diabetes or hypoglycemia or chronically high or low blood sugar -Difficulty tolerating alcohol or sugar -Insulin resistance -Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome or -High cholesterol or high triglyceride levels. But a person can be deficient in chromium without experiencing any symptoms. Likewise, a person can experience the weight-loss benefits of chromium supplementation without having a chromium deficiency. Sources of Chromium Chromium is naturally found in many whole grains, romaine, lettuce, onion, beans, legumes, and ripe tomatoes. Supplementing with Chromium There are different types of chromium but the one with the best fat-burning effects is chromium glucose-tolerance factor, or chromium GTF. This is the form of chromium that is especially involved in balancing blood sugar levels, which likely acocounts for its weight-loss benefits. Supplement with just 200 to 500 MICROgrams daily. According to research at the University of Texas, the benefits of chromium supplementation are superior when combined with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Supplement with 2 to 3 grams (2000 to 3000 milligrams) of CLA daily for best results. Always consult with a naturally-minded physician before starting any new supplements. Anti-Chromium Nutrients Many calcium supplements and antacids decrease the absorption of chromium so it is best to take them separately from your chromium supplements. Conversely aspirin is believed to increase chromium absorption, so if you are taking aspirin daily, you may need less chromium. It is important to follow dosage recommendations since chromium toxicity is possible, albeit extremely rare. Medications If you are taking insulin or diabetes medications, consult your physician prior to taking chromium supplements. He or she may need to reduce your medication because of chromium’s ability to reduce high blood sugar levels. Super Health Bonuses According to an interview with US Department of Agriculture research scientist Richard Anderson, PhD, “chromium is so helpful at controlling blood sugar, it could prevent diabetes in up to half of the at-risk people with higher-than-normal glucose levels.” Chromium has also been shown to aid depression, according to Duke University researchers. Georgetown University Medical Center’s Harry G. Preuss, MD, indicates that chromium supplementation also reduces the risk of heart attack by 41%.” Adapted from 60 Seconds to Slim by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, ROHP.

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