The first 3 of 180 ways 2013 is going to be different!

It’s that time of the year again…

…but is 2013 going to be different? Well I’ve got 180 ways it can be! And I’ll be sharing those all year long. #1-Cinch is now Shaklee180. It’s improved, it’s now an integrated program with weekly prizes, interval training tutorials, and much much more. Get started here: #2-Your Dreams are the Next Exit. A new year = a new you going 180 in the driver’s seat. #3-You get to call your food whatever you want! From Bottom Line’s Daily Health News… “Trick Your Taste Buds Into Craving Veggies Which would you rather have for breakfast? A spinach and kale blended beverage? Or a “Love at First Sight” breakfast smoothie? For lunch, how about an arugula salad? Or would you prefer tender baby arugula leaves tossed in a honey Dijon dressing? Time for dinner. Would you like just Brussels sprouts as your side dish or Grandma’s sweet, slow-roasted Brussels sprouts? Of course, the foods I’m offering you are the same each time. But how a food is described—whether the description is written on a menu, said out loud or simply thought in your head—can play a large role in whether you want to eat it, according to new research. In other words, if you want to eat the healthiest diet, foods don’t just have to look appetizing to your eyes—they also have to sound appetizing to your brain!”

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