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That’s just a sneak peek of what Shaklee’s “Cinch Inch Loss Plan” will be transforming into starting in January. Same phenomenol supplemental products, but an even better program to help you do a full TURNAROUND in your life! They say it takes 90 days to change your habits and another 90 days to “cement” them so they stick. This full program addresses that core principle, similar to the full social support & community forums that a program like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig offers, but it takes you past all their limitations to help you get to your “Happily Ever After After”. And again, rooted in the solid science that only Shaklee can provide. One of the features to this program that could enhance your ability to participate: You can earn your Shaklee180 monthly “Turnaround” kit for FREE if you just share it with 3 other people who also order and use it in the same month. And every month you have just 3 other people doing it with you, you keep earning yours FREE! It doesn’t stop there either, remember, it’s all about getting to that state of Healthy After After. Once you lose the weight, you can keep on the Shaklee180 “Lean and Healthy” kit each month too, continuing to earn it FREE all along the way. You want to maintain it, not gain it back, right? I read a short interview of a celebrity who recently had lost weight, someone that has dealt with this issue from every direction possible over many years, and she narrowed it down to 3 important factors of any weight loss program if it is going to be permanently successful in your life: 1. It has to suit your social life. 2. You have to feel satisfied in a healthy way between the times food & beverages are going into your body. 3. You have to focus on the day to day benefits than just numbers on a scale or even on the tape measure. So true! I think that the “Cinch” program has always been in alignment with that, especially as it emphasized how you would begin to feel in your clothes, and the changes you would feel before you could even see them. I am excited that Shaklee180 will be taking that even further! More details to come. Even though our RLEI weight loss support program and this blog have been primarily about lifestyle changes to specifically lose weight (and will remain so), and get healthier as a consequence, it’s just one aspect of an entire process to Get Fit and Stay Fit for life. If you’re truly fit, then you’re living a life of overall healthy eating, healthy exercising, & healthy supplementing. So even RLEI will be shifting in 2013 to reach for that ultimate, overriding goal. So get ready for Team RLEI’s “GittinFitt” program too!

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