The Fiber Face-Off QUIZ

I was reminded the other day about 2 important aspects of enhancing how Cinch works: DRINK WATER, WATER, WATER & LOOK FOR THE MOST FIBER FULL SNACKS/MEALS. #1 there is a no brainer. Fruits & veggies are providing some of that water for you, and if you use water to mix the Cinch Shakes and/or Teas, that counts too. But still, making sure to have a water bottle with you all throughout the day that you have to refill at least a couple of times is paramount. I try to remember to drink even when I am not thirsty so my rule is every time I happen to glance at my stainless steel bottle positioned on the side of my desk, I pick it up and have a sip. #2 is a little trickier. Because even though all whole foods have all those healthy macro and micro nutrients we need, some are better at certain things than others. And that’s the case for fiber content. I eat A LOT of fruits & veggies as a vegetarian, but even I am trying to understand that yes, variety matters (eating that rainbow of colored fresh foods) but also starches, sugar, and fiber matters too. I am learning to eat less of the high starch culprits, for one, and looking to the most fibrous options in general. So here is a little quiz that will hopefully help you narrow down which of your healthy foods you are snacking on or eating as your meal complementing the Cinch products should be on the DAILY list or ONLY A FEW TIMES A WEEK list. “Fiber Face-Off: Pears or Bananas? Answer: Pears! Those pesky fibrous strings on your banana may provide you with the fruit’s 2.6 grams of fiber, but the pear contains 4 grams of fiber—nearly twice the amount of the average banana. Fiber Face-Off: Avocados or Whole-Wheat Spaghetti? Answer: Avocados! Another good reason to get your guac on. One whole avocado has 18 grams of fiber (yes, you read that right!), while whole-wheat spaghetti will give you about 6 grams of fiber per serving. Fiber Face-Off: Bran Cereal or Oatmeal? Answer: Bran Cereal! Pour yourself a serving of bran cereal and you’ll get a whopping 10 to 14 grams of fiber. Cooked oatmeal has just half that amount. Fiber Face-Off: Raspberries or Prunes? Answer: Raspberries! Though prunes are notoriously synonymous with fiber and staying regular, raspberries are the victor here with 8.4 grams of fiber. Canned prunes contain just 3.3 grams of fiber per serving, and dried prunes have even less (3 grams). Fiber Face-Off: Almonds or Frozen Peas? Answer: They have the same amount! It may come as no surprise that nuts are high in fiber, with 3 grams for about 30 almonds, but frozen sweet peas have an equal amount. Fiber Face-Off: Blackberries or Black Beans? Answer: They have (almost) the same amount! Beans are known for their high-fiber content, but blackberries can be just as beneficial. A cup of the fruit boasts an impressive 7.6 grams of fiber, and half a cup of boiled black beans just a bit more (7.5 grams). Fiber Face-Off: Shredded Wheat ‘N Bran Cereal or Red Kidney Beans? Answer: Red Kidney Beans! Don’t be deceived by the cereal’s name or ingredient list. Red kidney beans are a natural source of fiber, with 8.4 grams per serving. The cereal, though still a great source, is about a gram short of the beans. Fiber Face-Off: Peanut Butter or Jelly? Answer: Peanut Butter! While real berries are filling, the jelly doesn’t provide a single gram of fiber. On the other side of the sandwich, peanut butter provides 2 grams of fiber. Fiber Face-Off: Fiber Cereal Bars or Artichokes? Answer: They have (almost) the same amount! Artichokes, like avocados, are naturally rich in fiber; one artichoke has 10 grams. The cereal bar contains nearly as much, with 9 grams of fiber in a single bar. Fiber Face-Off: Dried Figs or Canned Pumpkin? nswer: Canned Pumpkin! Though figs are relatively high in fiber (6.9 grams for three), they don’t compare when it comes to canned pumpkin, which contains 10 grams of fiber per cup.” Adapted from Reverse Diabetes with additional reporting by Sheri Alzeerah and Perri O. Blumberg

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