Thanks to our Shaklee family member, Sue H., for sharing her favorite Cinch recipe with us. Let’s call it a “Liquid Protein Bar”. 1. Take 1 scoop (or 1/2 packet) of Cinch Shake Mix, Chocolate & 1 scoop (or 1/2 packet) of Cinch Shake Mix, Vanilla. Mix with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. Add some honey, peanut butter, & oats to taste. And you can keep your metabolism powered up all day long with this recipe we found that can be used with the Cinch Tea Mix, unflavored. This Super Fat-Busting Green Tea Lemonade takes minutes to prepare, is all-natural, super healing, and delicious! Green tea slashes belly fat by 77%… Not only does green tea give you an energy boost, research shows that it protects your body against colorectal, lung, and prostate cancers, slows wrinkling and skin damage linked to aging. But, there’s another great reason to drink green tea. Green tea contains a potent plant nutrient known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, for short. Multiple studies that EGCG seriously targets belly fat. Research at Tufts University indicates that EGCG in green tea, like other catechins, activate fat-burning genes in the abdomen to speed weight loss by 77 percent. New research published in the Journal of Nutrition found that overweight adults who drank four to six cups of green tea daily lost at least seven percent more abdominal fat than those who didn’t drink green tea. 2. Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook’s “Super Fat-Busting Green Tea Lemonade” Now you can reap all the fat-busting benefits of green tea lemonade without the excessive amounts of calories. This tea is sweetened with stevia—an herb that is naturally sweet. 6 green tea bags (Or 6 Shaklee’s Cinch Tea Mix, unflavored) 1 quart or litre of pure alkaline water 4 lemons, juiced 10-20 drops of liquid stevia (or to taste) Ice Fresh mint (optional) Bring the water to boil. Add the 6 green tea bags and let steep for about 5-10 minutes. In the meantime, juice the lemons and add the stevia. Add ice to the green tea and allow to cool before adding the lemon juice-stevia mixture. Stir until mixed and enjoy served over ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint if desired.

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