2012: the Year of Transformation!

Well…this is it! This is the year to transform your life, I can feel it!

I am definitely making this MY year, for all kinds of healthy transformation. (Okay, yes I said that last year, but it’s never too late to start again with gusto.) Last year I put my resolutions down on paper, and at the very top it said “Lose weight.” This year I changed my #1 spot to say “Transform yourself.” Though some of the attitude adjustments, the supplement plan, the methodology in general will be the same as I attempted in 2011, this time I am modifying my outlook even more at the onset. Yes I want to lose weight. And inches. Yes I want to eat better. And exercise more. Yes I want to feel better and have more energy. But this time I want to truly understand that it will take a total transformation from the inside out. And know in my heart-THAT will be the real accomplishment.

So today I had my 1st workout with a personal trainer at the gym. (Yes, I have even signed-up for a membership.) This is Day 1 of a NEW journey. Are you ready to take the plunge into a NEW you too?

(This week look for our announcements about 2011’s Biggest Loser and the details of how our TrimminSlimm program will be starting NEW for 2012. We will also be sharing photos from our kick-off event-Dash 4 The Ca$h-this weekend.)

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