When it comes to eating out, Mexican food is my weakness (especially cheese enchiladas)& Italian food is my husband’s (ANY pasta really). So that’s why these 25 tips regarding eating out are helpful to keep in mind…

4 quick tips to ordering in any restaurant:

1. Learn to order better.
2. Be careful where you eat. No all-you-can-eat buffets or steakhouses with enormous portions.
3. Make friends with the waitperson. She can tell you about any dish.
4. Order Creatively. Soup, salad and an appetizer can stand in for a full meal. Extra vegetables can replace french fries.

6 tips to ordering Chinese food:

5. Ask for brown rice.
6. Start your meal with wonton, egg drop, or hot-and-sour soup.
7. When it comes to entrées, order from the ‘health’ menu.
8. Make sure you order plenty of vegetables.
9. Take advantage of the bean curd (tofu).
10. Plan to take home leftovers.

4 tips to ordering Italian food:

11. Ask the waitperson not to bring the breadbasket.
12. If you want pasta, order a dish from the appetizer section of the menu, or share.
13. If it’s on the menu, order simple grilled beef, veal, pork, chicken, fish, or shellfish.
14. For dessert, ask for fresh berries or fruit ice, if it’s available, or a small plate of cookies to share.

6 tips to ordering Mexican food:

15. Ask the waitperson to take away the tortilla chips.
16. Order a healthy starter instead.
17. For an entrée, look to fajitas.
18. Order tacos or burritos without high-fat sour cream.
19. As a side dish, go for rice and beans instead of Mexican rice.
20. Have dessert at home.

5 tips to ordering fast food:

21. Opt for simple grilled fare, if you can find it.
22. A simple hamburger isn’t bad either — if you order the smallest one without cheese or mayonnaise.
23. Order a la carte.
24. Take advantage of the salads but watch for fried chicken and fatty dressings.
25. Have yogurt.

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