PROFILE #1-Mark & Summer Marasco

So I thought I’d start our participant profiling with my own! My husband and I are 30 and 31 years old respectively and live in Portland, Oregon. We have 3 dogs who wish we would get outside more for walks. Our biggest issue has been that we both mostly work from home and spend a lot of time sitting (in front of an easel and in front of a computer) all day and night long and so we have very little physical activity. We need to get moving, that’s our next step. My husband and I are “all in” this time around. Of course we’ve wanted to lose weight in the past, but something is different this time for us already. In fact, we have almost completed week 2 of our new 6 meal a day + Cinch substitutes eating plan and we have lost weight! Beyond that, we feel great! There have been some blips, some small ups and downs, but at least there’s been no major blunders. We have even eaten out a few times but managed to choose better quality foods and in better, smaller amounts. We have been drinking water like fish, except for 1 day when we felt like we could swim in our own home and took a break. It has been a real revelation to eat a full rainbow of colors when it comes to fruits & veggies in a single day. We are calling ourselves THE plant eating team to beat! All in all, we have moved past those intital cravings that haunt you at times and are thinking our stomachs must be shrinking. We are stopping ourselves at the end of each eating session often with the phrase, “Geez, I’m actually full.” And we’ve maybe slipped up and munched a little on extra snacks 3 times in 2 weeks (at least the snacks were organic baked lentil chips and natural cherry red licorice bits). Okay, we admit it-a Reese’s peanut butter cup was in there too. But we are excited at how well we are doing and look forward to having more positive news to share soon!

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